The new unofficial Glitch PWA!

Hi! I have been working a little on PWAs, so I remembered to create a glitch PWA!
Here’s the link:
It’s very simple and basically uses iframes. Check it out, and give your opinion if you want!


Very cool app, just consider using a different site for the iframe because Glitch blocks external iframes from the looks of it.

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That is some absolutely stunning CSS!

Great CSS! :stuck_out_tongue: Like Riverside mentioned, due to x-frame restrictions and security concerns, Glitch blocks external iFrames. Not sure if you tested this natively, but here’s what it looks like on my end. Try redirecting to instead of iFraming it. That should honestly help!

its not blocked it just doesnt work for specific browsers and websites iframe doesnt really work with streaming services and other things i forgot that much so u sometimes have to use <object data and that also has downfalls because a lot of things that do work with iframe wont work with object and some things that work with object wont work with iframe so you have to be sure it does before sharing or using

Glitch uses the “X-Frame-Options: DENY” header which is going to block iframes :pensive:

I’ll do that as soon as I can :smile:

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Edited! Now the PWA instead of showing an iframe, redirects to
PS: thanks for the community for all the support! I never imaginated that this would be getting featured! :smile: