The site can't be reached

Hi, I am hosting my domain with the following settings:

But I cannot visit my website, it says “The site can’t be reached”. I am using Cloudflare and Glitch custom domains.
My website is

@Daksh777 it seems to be working now!

Why isn’t it working for me?

i don’t know, it seems to be working on my side.

Is there a firewall blocking the site?


The reason for DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN is typically due to a misconfiguration or problem with your DNS.

check this:

  1. did you switch to cloudflare nameservers?
  2. is your PC blocking or failing to connect to a DNS? if so check your router or firewall
  3. is the address typed in properly? (done)

how to
flush DNS cache (windows)

open command prompt as administrator and run:


  1. My PC? No, it’s using the ISP’s default DNS
  2. It’s default DNS so it shouldn’t be a problem

try flushing it:


run command prompt as admin on windows (i assume you’re on windows

I tried that already, it didn’t work

Also, why this then?

restart your browser/pc or internet

i’m unsure why, but it appears i can connect just fine.

Do you use a VPN/chrome flags?

I just tried on my phone on which I never visited the site but it still won’t work. Same error.

take a look at this:

Nope, nothing. I don’t have any chrome flags related to it either

Tried pinging and got this “Ping request could not find host Please check the name and try again.”

this site tells you if it is up AND some steps if you can’t connect:

Ok just tried restarting my PC but it still won’t work :frowning:

have you got a firewall in place? because that could be blocking requests

No, my router’s firewall is disabled and check Windows firewall just now