Theia IDE on Glitch - Proof of Concept

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Theia IDE on Glitch

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A proof-of-concept project that runs the Theia IDE on an unboosted Glitch project.

Theia IDE is what powers GitPod (@jonyk56 :wink:); it (Theia) is a code IDE with state-of-the-art web technologies very much similar to VSCode.

In this project, a basic Theia editor is set up with basic config. All you can do right now is create and modify files present in this Glitch project, which you can do by clicking File > Open Workspace > Choose directory you want to edit. BECAUSE OF THIS, ANYONE CAN EDIT, DELETE, MODIFY, AND ADD FILES TO THE PROJECT THE EDITOR IS LOCATED IN UNLESS THE EDITOR IS PROTECTED USING A PASSWORD OR BY SOME OTHER MEANS.

While Theia runs perfectly OK on an unboosted project, a boosted project is recommended for best experience. It used approximately 70% of my disk space, almost 30% of my memory and very less CPU. These values were for a single user visiting the project, these values might increase if more users visits the project.

You can customize the Theia editor even more (like the ability to add VSCode extensions and editor themes), see the documentation for more info:

If you want to know more about how GitPod works and wish to explore its code, see


I had done this before I think, but I know for sure I did Theia IDE inside of Gitpod lol
Not sure about doing it inside of Glitch


how did you get it to not fill up your disk by the time I installed it somehow the menu failed to load

seems to be stuck on ‘preparing’!

It has to install a ton of packages, I couldn’t seem to get it working.

yes, it does take years to load with packages. however it’s pretty cool.

If you managed to put this on glitchypastepen with infinite disk you’d win going against my code editor immediately

mine works, you just…wait. That’s all I can say. Also getting vs extension is a bit annoying you have to extract it as an zip and upload it

Yeah, it does take time to finish installing the plugins and packages and start serving the editor. I left the editor in another tab, watched Minecraft gameplays (by Dream) and then came back after some time and it finished installing.

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@code-alt I should give @khalby786 my super-secret way to get infinite disk space that I knew from a long time ago…

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There is tons of sweet tricks.
So there is more where that came from…


Nah, I’m fine with Ace.js.

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But file making ;c

the editing in my remixed version is so beautiful!!!

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;-; why do i feel as though you did this so i go full time back to glitch? eh, oh well, you just made meh day xD.

But… Add it so it acts more like gitpod, and i’ma stayin :heart_eyes:

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this would be great… lemme try again

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I thought that was PhotoShopped. It looks just like VSCode

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that’s because it uses Monnaco and uses VS Code design principles