Tiny tweak: editor badge text

The Editor Badge page says:

While you won’t be able to edit your posts forever …

At first read, that sounded like a feature that is slated to be sunset.

How about changing it to something like:
“While new posts can only be edited for a couple of hours after creation …”,
or even
“Note that new posts are only editable for a couple of hours, but during this window, editing is encouraged …”

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Hi @jean,

Thanks for the feedback! I agree that could be interpreted as “we won’t have this feature forever” when that is actually not the case.

This is a built-in badge with a default description from our forum platform, Discourse, but I was able to update it! Let me know if it makes more sense to you now.


Awesome :slight_smile: I’ll kick it up to Discourse if I remember :slight_smile:


Yeah, Might be a good idea to bring it up on https://meta.discourse.org/.

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Done at https://meta.discourse.org/t/tiny-tweak-editor-badge-text/140817

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Cool! Thanks for doing that

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