Total Noob - Can't Post

I’m new here on Glitch and I’ve been working on a JS project that is really close to done. So, as I get close, I’d love some more eyes on it and I thought that the Glitch community might be a great place to get some help.

I signed up, synced my gitHub project and then…

I have no idea what to do next. Where do I post this for people to check out? Can I give some direction on what my questions are? What am I missing?

Thanks in advance. I’m really excited to learn from everyone here.

Hello @jfx1026,

You can create a new topic in The Gallery category.
If you have a GitHub repo open, you can mention a link to it in your post or just leave an URL to the Glitch project.

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Also if you have specific questions you’d like input on, posting to with your specific question and some representative code (or, better yet, a link to your project) may elicit some helpful information.

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