Turning on dev mode

you can force dev mode and install stuff. So maybe the whole community can work together to try and figure it out because someone did it at my school.

Hi @DaOne2460, welcome - can you talk more about what you mean by dev mode and what stuff to install? I just want to make sure I’m interpreting your idea correctly before sharing with the team.

well, a kid from my school somehow forced his Chromebook into developer mode and the content keeper was gone from his thing.

Okay, so you’re talking specifically about Chromebooks and not Glitch?

yes, but I was thinking we could try and make a project that would just force dev mode to turn on then it would be super easy to play games, research, and maybe more.

could you do this as a project, and not part of Glitch itself? I think Glitch has been trying to stay in good standing with schools etc. and not so much promoting stuff that bypasses their controls

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yea, besides there’s absolutely no point to use glitch for hosting these materials, nor is there any need for the community to do research for you as anyone who really wants will know where to find the materials to do so anyways

I can try but I’m not the guy to ask for coding and things.

Ok sorry if this was for nothing.

Could you better explain to me on what you want?

hi, im new these forums!
i know the keyboard shortcut, but i would rather not say it because it can be used for alot of stuff that the school wouldnt want

Sorry, I thought you were talking about the glitch editor.