TypeError: Cannot read property 'channels' of undefined bot error

const client = new Discord.Client();
var Con = "I love pizza"
var Who = "Maebee"
var NewCon = false
let embed = new Discord.MessageEmbed()
  .setTitle(Who + "'s Confession'")
let embed2 = new Discord.MessageEmbed()
  .setTitle("Anonymous Confession")

client.on("ready", () => {
  console.log("Bot is ready!");

client.on("message", message => {
  client.user.setActivity("Anyones Secrets...", { type: "Not Telling" })
//begin coding

if (message.content === "!help"){
  message.channel.send(`${message.author} Check Your DM's!`)  
  message.author.send("To confess a confesion please type **!confess** (Withouth the bold).")

   if(message.channel.type === 'dm') {
     if (message.content === "!confess") { 
     message.channel.send("Ok Great! Please Respond with your confession and start it with | My confession is ")
       message.channel.awaitMessages(r => r.author.id === message.author.id, {max: 1})
.then(m => {
if(m.first().content.includes("My confession is")) { 
Con = m.first().content ///now its saved
Who = m.first().author.username
message.channel.send("Great! Wrote that down! Do you want your name to be shown in your confession? Respond ``Yes`` Or ``No``")
message.channel.awaitMessages(r => r.author.id === message.author.id, {max: 1})
.then(m => {
  if(m.first().content === "Yes")
    message.channel.send("Ok sent!")  
  if (m.first().content != "Yes")
    message.channel.send("Ok sent! Not sharing your info!")


I keep getting a error from this code. HELP!!! I've been trying for hours.

I think you should be trying to get client.channels.cache.get('792890482350358538').send("YES"); because the client doesn’t have a guild :stuck_out_tongue: