Unable to stretch (fit) floating post in CSS/HTML

As seen in

,i can’t fit this post thing (or stretch) it to the gray area.
my project is: bony-turkiye
I tried many things with CSS but couldn’t fix it.
Any help?

Hi Pepsi Man,

I went on your site, it looks a little different from the screenshot as there was a sidebar there, but I did modify it to look more like you want.

First I have to say, this is quite an old-school template, we wouldn’t do web design like this anymore, and I’d recommend trying a more modern template like something from https://html5up.net/

Anyway, the main problem is that the white arrows image is only 620px wider. So even if we make the container bigger, the arrows will still look wrong.

Here’s what I would do (after you remove the sidebar):

  • On #content, remove the width: 620px rule (you can actually remove all the CSS for #content)
  • Change .post-bgtop to:
.post-bgtop {
    background: white;
    margin: 1em;
  • On .post-bgbtm remove the background rule

But again, this site design is not responsive for mobile/tablet and there are better ones out there for free :slight_smile:

Edit: Here’s an image:

Hope this helps.

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