Unable to view finished web page

I provide IT support to school establishments. Some of the schools use a smoothwall web filter. A teacher was showing me a problem on the glitch website yesterday where she couldn’t see her finished web page and she just received a smoothwall blocked error in the panel. Do you have any idea why the smoothwall web filter would be blocking this or know of the urls to include to bypass the filter? I’ll log a ticket with smoothwall support as well. Many thanks.

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Hi Jonty and welcome to the community!

I’d imagine your web filter solution blocked the webpage because of some projects that act as proxies (bypassing filters), unenrollment tools, etc.

Here are some rules to include in your unblock rule however:

  • *.glitch.com
  • *.glitch.me
  • *.jsdelivr.net
  • *.jsdelivr.com
  • *.amazonaws.com
  • *.gstatic.com
  • *.glitch.global
  • *.glitch.new
  • *.github.com - mainly for OAuth and pushing to GitHub
  • *.segment.com (for analytics, imho optional)
  • *.cdn.optimizely.com (Glitch’s AB testing iirc)

Also, you should allow websockets connections if those are blocked too

You should email support@glitch.com however.


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