Unique variable for every person

Yup you are right!

Note to myself

Java is not javascript

His code won’t work because

var personalVar = 1

is only one when the message starts with 1

when it starts with check it would throw “Cannot send empty message”

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Hello @Sem1084!

Assuming he has the knowledge of JavaScript as well as the Discord.js library,
He should know that the function TextChannel.send() only accepts a string, thus he should be able to convert the number into a string.

Further, the following code works fine:

if (true) var personalVar = 1;
if (false) var personalVar = 2;
if (true) return console.log(personalVar);

Happy Glitching!

why is everyone giving this thing attention, i already helped naive

Because it’s good for other people, like me, to learn about doing this themselves by learning, not just getting code written for themselves :slight_smile:

hmmm… wanna learn… check my project on the gallery, if you think that is not simple/easy to learn, tell me what is XD

i finally remembered my main