Using # in text for discord-bot

So, I want my code to check if a variable is the same as a specific discord user.
The code I’m using is

if (member == Examplemember#1234) {
var oldVar = newVar

If anyone could help me fix the issue that the hashtag is causing, that would be very nice.

Thanks you for your help in advance

If you need to check a unique user, should be better to use id instead username and discriminator

Something like this

if( == '12345678987654321') {
  // stuff here

But if you need for something specific discriminator and username you can do something like this.

let fullname = `${member.user.username}#${member.user.discriminator}`

if(fullname == 'ExampleUsername#1234'){
  // stuff here

fyi the member in there is a custom variable

I’m trying to check if the person @mentions the bot.

I’ve made it so the @mention is turned into a variable that I easily can use

In that case you should check if there is a mention to the user of your bot. You do not need to turn it into a variable :slight_smile:

	// the bot was @mention
} else {
	// the bot wasn't @mention
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I get an error saying that “Message.ismentioned is not a function”

Can you give us your project name so we can take a closer look? Or can you share more of your code here?

nvm I had just misspelled it. But now it just won’t send a response.

More code is here:

var member = message.mentions.members.first();

 if (message.isMentioned(client.user)) {
      var punch = punchdodge
      var specialcase = 2

if (specialcase == 2) {"Dodged it! You can't tell the person you'll hit that you'll hit them, " + member2.displayName + "!", {
          files: punch

Ok, it was just me being stupid again. Thanks for the help, mate!

No problem, glad you figured out

You were right all along, this one goes to you