Update On Statify - A statuspage.io alternative

Hello Everyone, I have an update of statify.
• The New name is statify
• The URL is statify.glitch.me
• The fourm link is https://statify.flarum.cloud

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You may not be able to access the URL as Glitch is having some issues right now (see status.glitch.com)


Page isn’t loading right now, but this looks really promising, I’d love to join you guys and help out.
If its as good as it seems, I’d be happy to help out with funding for domains and professional hosting.

@Anish if u would like to help please post in the statify fourm

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Will do once glitch starts working so I checkout statify

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Okay sure @Anish

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@idodev This is all that you guys have got?

Edit: Was pm’d a private link to signup.

Wait you already are signed up

Yes I figured it out when I was PM’d the link. Was unable to get it actually working thou.

check statify.glitch.me/apply4staff

Is the service working right now?

Yup It Is @Anish

Unable to add a service for monitoring. I’ll apply for staff so we can make this nice.

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