Uptimerobot status page error

idk if you guys can help with this but i am trying to set my uptimerobot status page for my website that is hosted in glitch, and i’m getting an error saying: Your connection is not private
image Ikke sikker = not safe
and i have added that “status.ramfish.tk” domain to my domain service but i’m still getting that error.

Hmmm…it sounds like it wants your site to be served over HTTPS and not HTTP. I think that all Glitch containers have certificates so I’ve never really understood why this crops up sometimes, but it did on one of my projects too.
If you’re using something like express, I’ve seen snippets like this:

function checkHttps(req, res, next){
  // protocol check, if http, redirect to https
    console.log("https, yo")
    return next()
  } else {
    console.log("just http")
    res.redirect('https://' + req.hostname + req.url);