URI malformed on new project, even though it is exactly the same as remixed

I was helping my IRL friend set up an Ansyble remix (code at glitch.com/edit/#!/ansyble-remixable)
However, it said their URI was malformed.
I remixed, added ALL of my original codes, and it STILL said that!
What the heck is going on? I’m convinced this is a container issue!

Bump because I actually need help with this… D:

Hi, where do you see the ‘URI malformed’ error? Can you send an example project that has the problem, or maybe a screenshot?

It seems to occur on any project I have remixed. The template is fine, but as soon as I remix it, BAM! URI is malformed and I cannot use it.

Still, can you show us a screenshot of what you mean, where the error appears, or paste one such URI here? :slight_smile:

I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re describing!

It appears in the console, when it tries to authenticate my MongoDB URI. I have it in the Env, I can’t show it due to having my login info.
Ill grab a screenshot. please give me a sec.

Can you take a look at Mongodb URI malformed - #6 by EddiesTech, and see if that helps?

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Won’t work for my case - This isnt an issue with the string, older projects can connect fine!
However, on newer ones it fails.
Plus, none of the characters mentioned are in my string.

In your .env, is the string inside quotes like this "connectionstring"?
If you go to the plain text editor of the env it should show: mognodbconnectionstring="connection string" or something similar, it needs to be in quotes or otherwise it gets all messed up

Hope this helps!

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Both projects (original, test) are not in quotes, only the original works.
Putting both in quotes doesnt fix it, but it DOES mess up the original until I remove them.

Good news, suddenly my remixes work ;D
I think glitch updated the ENV parser. I am not sure about this, but at the least everything is working again.

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