Using glitch for working nwjs prototypes?


Does anybody here use glitch for nwjs or electron apps?
If so, what do you need to watch for?


I don’t think you could use glitch for that, because Glitch deploys to web.


Ok yee…
prototyping for nwjs has always been buggy for me.

I guess i’ll have to create an all-new concept where the client UI would enslave a local node server, in the best case the nwjs-included one.
In another case a local portable one that comes packaged and has modules already)…

prototyping this on glitch should be easy - the web app enslaves the server.js and stays in a steady communication using a websocket. file operations, downloads and all other shit will be possible.

Idk if this concept exists already. If not, i will create it! :smiley:

if you wanna follow the process, you can checkout