Using Ruby/Rails with Glitch?

I had a WIP project which involved using a node app and converting it into Ruby, then using React/Rails for front-end/back end stuff. Is this possible with Glitch?

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Although it’s not officially supported, Ruby is installed, and you can use a custom glitch.json to install and run your app.

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@j-f Can you explain a little more about the structure of a glitch.json file? I can’t find it being mentioned anywhere

I saw ruby is installed (2.3.1p112) and it works fine.
I’m trying to create a simple app using sinatra but all requests are considered as Bad URI. Any luck @braden337?

@kinduff I found an example of a glitch.json and it worked, however the default WEBrick server seems to give that error. If you install the gem thin web server, Sinatra will use it automatically :sparkles:

Here is the example that I made → pricey-laundry :womans_clothes::tshirt::money_with_wings: (what an excellent project name)


Thanks for this! And indeed, that was an excellent project name, I lol’d.

I was able to install and run Rails 5.1 too using the same configuration. Had to edit ~/.gemrc to avoid installing the docs from the gems since these instances have only 128mb, which can be a problem with Rails.

I also removed the --path from the install command since the gems installed with “bundle install” work too.

Here’s the running example:

Also, the example is running with Puma so we can assume it works too.


This is great! Definitely giving it a go over the weekend.