Version Control | Accidentally overwrote entire program :)

EDIT: I fixed the problem by going into my chrome history and pulling the file out of dev tools. Feature request: when importing, it should alert the user that they are overwriting their current file


On my project cake-pond, I accidentally overwrote my program. I was trying to check out a friends code and used the import git-hub feature. What I didn’t realize is that would overwrite what I was working on and not create a brand new file.

Any ideas of how I can get back what I did?


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Sorry to hear that, but glad you got it back! We currently have the message “NOTE: This will overwrite your current project!” on the import screen where you submit the repo/org name, but I’ll flag up to the designers that we need to make this clearer.

We also plan to add some kind of history/roll-back feature.