Video streaming


Hi, first timmer here,

I’m working on a VR Experience using A-frame. you can check it out here:

I’m loading three 4k 360º videos but as you can see the videos are super laggy.

I’m looking for suggestions of how or where to host this videos so that they can run smoothly. :thinking:



Are you sure this is a hosting issue? If you’re using the assets store on Glitch, they’re delivered via a CDN. However, A-Frame note that video is a CPU intensive operation, especially as a texture, and at 4K, which might be the bottleneck. Have you tried running it locally or reducing the video quality?


Hi @Gareth,

Thanks for the response.

I’m not sure it is a hosting issue.(I’m quite new to all of this) I have tried different CDNs including Glitch’s own but with similar results.
When I run it Locally it works perfectly.
However reducing the video quality does not seem to affect the lag online.

Do you have any suggestions as to how I could overcome this? or is it even possible?

Thanks for the help.


Not really (Glitch-specific issues are more our thing around these parts), I’d recommend asking on an A-Frame forum as those folks will have the expertise to help. But if it works fine locally then CPU/GPU doesn’t seem to be the bottleneck, which at least gives hope to it working better online. It’d be worth looking into or asking about buffering and caching options in A-Frame.


Thanks for the suggestion and the hope!

I’ll try that out.


I like your application. Tried it out in the chrome browser on a pretty decent machine and it ran with any issue. Not sure how this works but maybe shifting some of the work to the client side may help with the rendering. I think you API is dope!