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I understand the Glitch Extension hasn’t been out for long and is in beta but most of my Glitch projects can be opened with VSCode perfectly with everything but there is one project where I can open it but doesn’t display my files in the explorer sidebar and I have to use “Go To File cmd+p” to find my project files. The terminal and output show fine when I run Glitch: Console

Would anybody have any solution to this?

Project Name: nate-bot

Make a new issue there; hope the developer would answer quickly!

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Hey @NTMNathan, thanks for the report! I’ve moved it to a new category for topics about the extension.

I can reproduce this on a Remix of your project, but I can’t seem to use the Go to file command as you indicated to find any of the not-listed files. Is there anything special you’re doing there?

It brings this menu when you run the Go to File command on the keyboard and i can only access the commands and stuff from the 2nd screenshot.