Websockets get disconnected randomly

Am encountering an issue where by the websockets are randomly disconnected after a certain interval of more than 2 minutes (i believe by glitch itself) , the project is using express and ws node js modules in my server script. The client is a cpp app using websocketpp.
I also noticed this issue was raised on this forum but no specific solution was pointed out, because for my case, having to restart a websocket that is sending a constant stream of data is not a good idea…(am developing something similar to a game multiplayer script).
Does this issue only happen with the free plan?


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Hi @Wasswa_Geoffrey - file a help ticket in on help.glitch.com and include this info as well as the project name and also if you’re connected to any other services (and what they are) with the webhook and someone will be able to take a look at why this is happening.

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Sorry for the late reply
I noticed if i constantly send data through the websockets ( like after every second) from client to the server, they don’t get automatically disconnected… Previously the client was sending data when its available , and the server would automatically disconnect the websockets where they are “idle”.
I hope this is recommended, if not…then how can i prevent this from happening again?