Welcome, Thimble users, to Glitch!


TL;DR: Mozilla is beginning the process of shutting down Thimble. While Thimble won’t be closed until December 2019, we’re working with the Thimble team at Mozilla to make it as easy as possible to migrate your Thimble projects to Glitch now, so you can continue to build and publish apps, web pages, and more for free.

I’ll put some edited highlights from https://draftin.com/documents/1269549?token=D7N02jJOdrQQcU-pF82to-qJiOXyqqKdmfQ118PILVR-Tmrwcu2kKZq3vGzP4mfQKF9LTHaDihmmIhQFcxnSpek here and pointers to the videos and the help site in general as well as the schedule for the webinars.

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Thank you for helping everyone make the transition!