Well, I don't think this should ever happen

I had a glitch project but it moved somewhere else so I wanted to delete the previous one except… it isn’t valid, 2 of it’s links don’t work (https://emdi.glitch.me/ and [join link removed by support staff]) but there’s one that works: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/emdi?path=README.md%3A1%3A0
On my account page, the project isn’t there and I can’t invite anyone, I can just join by the only link that works and I tried deleting the page using “delete this project”, deleting it then switching to another project, clearing my cookies, clearing my cache but none of that worked, also I’m using google
I can’t rename the other project to “emdi” because it says that another project already has the name
If you notice the project is empty, it’s not a glitch, the project is in fact like that

Try emailing support@glitch.com