What should I use for discord bots and node.js

What should I use for discord bots and node.js

Anyone got a template?

Hi, I suggest that you take a look at Glitch’s discord starter.

I’m currently using it but this github is 5 years without an update since 2019 :confused:

meaning will I even be able to make something good

rather just use discord node.js

last updated 2 years ago

The official Discord developer docs have a Glitch app you can remix from: Discord Developer Portal

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theres even a whole section for glitch on discord :smiley:

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will mess with this later today

seems already broken

I might need some advanced help

I swear I did everthing correct

do you know how I can get it setup I swear I did it right I mean it was only 3 steps :joy:

i’m not experienced with discord bot creation but i’m happy to take a look - what’s the project url? for me personally, it’s easier to see all the code instead of cropped screenshots.

everything jsut crashed for me I cant load a new tab one moment

Tryna add you but I cant for some reason

this is what I mean

how can I add you lol

Try jennschiffer instead of just jenn.