Where to start with say command

hi their. im new to making discord bots and i am working on a bot with glitch.com html… and i want to make a say command but i dont know wheir to start because every tutorial i search is in another language. anyone that knows to do it with html?

you cannot make a bot in html :roll_eyes:

ummm idk i was using hello my node but i though it was html because i do use html color codes but yhea xD is node a language too?

No it isn’t, if you’re still interested in this I recommend using discord.js.

I think you should follow a simple tutorial because while it is fairly easy there are several steps any of which (if not done) will leave you with a non-working bot. Many of the steps have nothing to do with programming. You’ll need a Discord account, you need to set up an application and get a bot Id and if you want to test it you will want a Discord “guild” (server) of your own.

Follow the basic steps here and you should have one written in JavaScript.

Don’t get too crazy as he appears to get into database access and such non of which is needed in a bot but yes it can be added. Until you understand how the simple things work I would avoid making it more complex.

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