Why is my project suspended?

heres the project

@Koalaknightmi, according to the Glitch Editor, your project got suspended because of

Error while preparing project

which usually happens when your project is running out of disk space. I’ll notify @glitch_support to fix this for ya.

Thanks I tried to fix disk space but wouldn’t update

Hi @Koalaknightmi!

I’ve given your project additional disk space for 24 hours. This should give you the room needed to:

  1. Add files that are taking up too much space to .gitignore
  2. Move database files that get rewritten often to .data

Once you have done this, run the following commands in the project console:

git prune and hit enter
git gc and hit enter.
refresh and hit enter

This should free up the space you need. If you have any questions, let us know!

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Why my project suspended all? with no reason @tasha

@CoalERS You will need to email support@glitch.com for them to reinstate your projects.