Why was my accounts website (retro bowl) banned for "Violating Terms of Service. PBR"

I had this website up for months, i got it from git hub, I put it on my website to allow kids to play unblocked games, then about a mouth later after not editing it it got blocked, if it is could anyone tell we how i can unblock the site and save all of the peoples progress that they had achieved with local storage?

Guessing you violated no obfuscated code rule. If you had a version of retro bowl where the source was actually readable after formatting it with something like prettier, the project might have not gotten suspended.
Here’s a public version of retro bowl I found after a google and it’s associated source

Most likely even after formatting it, the source would be unreadable
Same goes for this thing on github which looks like copypasta

In fact this snippet does look kind of suspicious in the way that it decodes things on the fly from base64 however all it does is check the domain.

However this sort of obfuscation is also unfortunately used by some bad actors as well (example: roblox account stealing bookmarklets).


Wow thank you so much i had no idea, you should be allow to obfuscated code, idk it can be sus but its to protect the creators code.

Yeah, but remember that Glitch wants anyone to remix the project, change the code, etc.

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