WordPress on Glitch

As you might see when I’m writing this post, I’m excited. I’ve been wanting to put wordpress on glitch for a while. My first attempt failed and ended with my editor being very slow. A few months later it seems like the glitch team has made this faster for things. I started with a LAMP proof of concept. I’m not a php expert so I don’t understand what that is so I’m guessing it’s a kit of starter stuff with mysql and apache. Then I grabbed wordpress and extracted into the wordpress folder. Then I configured it and poof, I had a wordpress installation. Without further ado I present to you the wordpress installation that’s not quite done yet.

I didn’t want to include a default user account so I didn’t complete the setup
*please not that this is very unstable and data loss may occur. I found when remixing the original project that the mysql database gets erased. Update: Later I found out the database was in .data so if you wanna transfer your data rename .data to something else without a dot. *
You might remix this and find, wait a minute the database is gone!
Well here’s a tutorial on how to make one!

  1. Open a terminal
  2. Type mysql -u root
  3. Optional type: show databases and make sure WordpressBlog isn’t on the list if it is stop everything and type exit
  4. Type create database WordpressBlog
  5. When that finishes type exit and type refresh
  6. Close the terminal and enjoy your new mysql installation by going to projectname.glitch.me/wordpress!

Things you should know and not ignore

You’ll defintley want to read this

  1. Most pages require http only to work, for some reason the pages don’t always work on https.
  2. Again, the database is in .data so if you wanna transfer your data rename .data to something else without a dot.
  3. You need a / after wordpress because for some reason only yourprojectname.glitch.me/wordpress/ works but not yourprojectname.glitch.me/wordpress


Here you go http://fearless-raspy-alarm.glitch.me/wordpress/



very annoyingly you sometimes need to start the database yourself or gltich keeps doing something to it.

I’ve tried installing wordpress locally on windows to play around with it and I was unable to solve the database issues.

You could try to configure mysql not to put the database in .data

nothing seems to work

The configuration says the database must be called WordpressBlog So at the momment you can’t use your own database name. I’m not sure why your mysql prompt is not working

image this doesnt do anything either

Add a semicolon