1000 hours error?

i dont have 1k hours but it says you have 1k hours hosting ATM you cant use this project?

I do not see anything like that in your screenshot.

I see. You should mail support@glitch.com or get a support token from glitch.happyfox.com. My primary guess is either Glitch thinks the specific project you are showing is using up a big number of project hours or you are viewing a cached version of your dashboard and your project hours have exceeded. I recommend clearing your browser cache before mailing them.


Why say that again?? @R4356th said that and gave the email! As I have said time and time again here, save yourself the effort and the annoyance and mess it creates for others on the forum by looking at all the other posts on the topic before making your own


I’m just guessing here, but there is a issue with this system.


@SplitXPlayZ, kindly refrain from echoing posts and make sure no one else has posted the same solution before giving your own answer! Remember, this forum is not a race to give the correct solutions, it’s about the quality of answers and solutions you’re giving.