403 Error when running certain Discord Bot commands


Some of my commands are not working, particularly the Profile, Radio and some other commands. They are returning a 403 Forbidden error after running the command (In Discord and on my Glitch Console). My other commands work just as fine.

As with my Level Card Command, that is using basically the same code as the Profile Command but with less data shown on the Level Command and that works just fine for some reason.

I’ve changed the token numerous times, its all correct and the Bot does login fine without issues but for some reason as I said, some of my commands do not want to work. Does this mean I’ve experienced the Discord Ban on my Bot commands or is it some sort of Discord API issue?

Project Name: nate-bot-new


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error 403 means that the discord link you used is expired or not working any more, you can try uploading the image to imgur and using the link bec. discord doesn’t save images links , try visiting the links you have and you will see a text access denied

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if this helped out tell me @NTMNathan

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Figured the issue, it was something to do with the backgrounds.
Someone did have a gif background and thats why it wasn’t working for me.

Removed the GIF background and now the command works. Thanks for the help anyway

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No problem.My pleasure and. Glad it. Worked