504 Gateway time-out error

My project mau-api and another return this error while trying to load the page, both use node.js with express. This problem started today and wasn’t there yesterday, even when I make a GET request and make it log “a” it does nothing.

Is this glitch’s problem or mine?

Also, php pages seem to work correctly

Hmm, what is the name of your project?



Odd, I was able to load it over command prompt, is it working for you know.

Oh, it is working now.

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Both are working now, thanks!

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Just two hours ago my projects were loading just find and now I am seeing this error for the first time.

Hi there @AlanMichaelsen !
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I would recommend waiting some time as Glitch is currently experiencing a few outages (see: status.glitch.com) that may be linked to your error. Otherwise, I recommend making a new topic as this may be a different issue than the one in this topic.


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