A-frame custom fonts are not shown

Hi there!
I am learning to use A-frame on my own and I found a problem with custom fonts: I managed to load them with special characters (á, ñ, etc.), as my text will be in Spanish. I used the tool to convert fonts to MSDF (https://msdf-bmfont.donmccurdy.com/) and these were shown without inconvenience. But then, at some point, I changed the source of the aframe master .js and my custom fonts stopped showing (each character appears in a box, I’m not sure if this kind of problem with fonts have a name). Now this happens in all my Glitch projects! Does anyone have any idea how to solve it? I show you in example: https://cosmos.glitch.me/
Thank you!

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I’m afraid I don’t know much about A-frame yet but I’d be happy to take a look when I have a few minutes; thanks for sharing your project name. Perhaps someone else with some A-frame experience might be more familiar with the issue.

To clarify, the problem that you’re describing is the fact that all the characters are inside white boxes, correct (screenshot attached)?

In the meantime one thing you might do it to make a remix of your project and use the Rewind feature to see what change caused the problem. Rewind is described in this help article.

Hello, Cori, thank you very much por your answer and for the screenshot. Yes, that is the problem: characters inside white boxes.
I did not know about the Rewind feature. I’ll try that. thank you!