Actions on Google boilerplate (with video)

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My co-founder and I at Voxable had a chance to speak at SXSW this year on “The History and Future of Speaking with Machines.” At the end of the talk, I did a live-coding demonstration of building an Action on Google for the Google Assistant in under 10 minutes, entirely in the browser, using and Glitch.

Our project is a boilerplate for building your own webhook fulfillment endpoints for the Google Assistant.

You can watch the live subtitled demonstration from SXSW below. There’s a link in the video description to a transcript on our blog.


This is cool, thanks guys. Nice video too and I’m glad it didn’t die on you mid-demo as Murphy’s law would usually have taken care of! I’ll get it up on our community site.

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Great, thanks so much, @Gareth! Haha yeah, it was certainly nerve-wracking to try a live-coding demo at SXSW, but luckily those folks really know how to throw a conference. The wifi was stellar all week.

@Gareth, just wondering where this ended up on the community site - we wanted to post about it. Thanks again!

It’s up on now. It’d be handy to update the reference to Gomix to Glitch in the index.html. We recommend you use but it’s up to you. Also the .gitconfig file can be removed - that’s no longer used by Glitch.


Great, thanks for the tips! I forgot about the view in there since it wasn’t really being used. I updated those references and added the button.

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