Add dark editor theme

I’m so used to dark themes in editors now, I sorta hate coding with a white BG. Might be nice to support light/dark themes It’s just some CSS tweaks, right? :wink:


Hi :slight_smile:

Yes, as you can imagine, creating a dark theme was a topic started even before the system was able to run at all :wink:

Our current target is to get ready to launch and stable. Theming will for sure be a nice feature to add, and we are already considering it :slight_smile:


Adding a switch between the current light theme and Monokai would be enough for me, I wouldn’t use full custom theming. At this point I’ve just settled for Monokai. Seems many others feel the same:

Yeah; I don’t think it’s worth doing too much here. But I guess it’s not just a case of switching the ACE theme, you’d probably want the non-ACE stuff (file list, logs window, etc.) to match!

If you’re still looking for a dark theme I’ve been slowly working on one, DarkerDev, which you can apply using the Stylish addon, just patching it as I find missing divs etc. (contributions welcome!)

I couldn’t stand the white either :sunglasses:


Hey max, qk4 and Danny,

Rest assured the dialogue about darker themes continues within the team. We’ve experimented with ACE themes (Monokai in particular :smile: is a personal favourite) but as you’ve all correctly pointed out, that’s just the start of proper theming.

We’ve been focusing primarily on stability and building out features for the HyperDev Beta, but theming is still something we all want to do.


If you’re really jonesing for dark themes in the editor, and you don’t mind banging around in the dev console or whipping up a quick Grease Monkey script, most of the ACE themes should just work :smiley:


Standard disclaimer about how this isn’t guaranteed to keep working, might void your warranty, and could possibly cause our designer to kill me :scream:

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Ah that is great! Thanks @nathan

I made a quick script so might as well share to make it easy for people,

If you have greasemonkey or tampermonkey installed the link below should enable Monokai on HyperDev:

I kind of like Ambiance though.

And you could just edit it through the greasemonkey script manager and easily change the theme it sets if you want a different one.


Hi friends,

We’ve just shipped dark mode for hyperdev. You can toggle it in the user options menu.
Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

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Looks great, though on my machine I get this weird flickering in the file list (watch the extension on the second item “echo.dart” as I move my mouse up and down over other files):

(in case it helps: Windows 10 w/ Anniversary preview, Chrome stable (52.0.2743.82 (Official Build) m (32-bit)), Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti, LG 29UM68 monitor)

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hmm, mysterious,

it’s rock solid on mac chrome, which implies this might be down to some OS specific rendering or anti-aliasing issue :frowning:

I’ll look into seeing what I can do about this. Thanks for the report!

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Hey everyone, I would love to use this dark theme. However when I go to my user options in the upper right corner all I see are refresh app on changes, edit profile and sign out. I don’t see the option to change the theme.
Any thoughts on why that’s not showing up?

We had to remove it temporarily, but it’ll be back available soon. Will keep you updated.

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it’s back now, sorry about the wait