Adding custom domains

So i saw a post here that said you can use fastly to add domain to your project anyone who can confirm if it is possible.

It’s true! You can test out this functionality as part of our community testing group. Reply to this thread Help us test out Fastly TLS + Glitch, and get 2 custom domains! and you’ll get added to the group where you can access the tutorial.

Ok thanks but how long does the verification of domain take cause am waiting for almost two hours since i followed the steps in here Point a domain at your site with Fastly - DEV Community

Hi there, it shouldn’t typically take that long, could you share what you’re seeing in the Fastly app?

it’s saying verification pending

Would you be able to attach a screengrab (blurred if necessary) of the details you included in your domain registrar cname record?

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I meant the setup you have in your domain registrar, not Fastly.

Do you mean the dns settings in my domain registrar(ionos) where i added the CNAME?

Yes! It’s this that should cause the verification status to move forward.

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It looks like you’re missing a w on the _acme-challenge entry?

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Yeah great catch seems like when i try to add the other w it keeps on hanging so i will get back to you since i deleted the record

Added the w that was missing and am waiting for 10 mins plus now

For what it’s worth, it took 24 hours when I set mine up using the same tutorial, so sometimes the registrars just work slow!

I think in your case you shouldn’t have the .www there after the _acme-challenge, as the domain you’re adding on fastly doesn’t start with www.


Thanks your reply solved my issue

At this point would i still use www

To enable IPv6, append dualstack. to the start of your address.

Back in your domain registrar DNS settings, add another CNAME record, this time for the www version of your domain, pointing at e.g. (adjust that single character to match your certificate). If you already have a CNAME record for www you’ll need to replace it with the one for your Fastly service.

that’s the tradeoff for using the no-www “apex” domain: it’s not allowed to use a CNAME on it. can you find out if there’s an ipv6 address you can add to an AAAA record?