Domain resolution

Does anyone know if domain resolution is working to add custom domains in the paid version?

Hi there - we do not currently have the custom domain featured turned on for new domain additions, but we have a community test of Glitch + Fastly TLS that you can participate in that uses Fastly to set up your domain. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll add you to the private testing group, and this is the tutorial to try it out. Glitch Pro is not required, by the way.

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Okay, I want to!

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You’re now a part of our community testing group - any forum links in that tutorial should now be accessible, and you can follow the instructions to set up your custom domain or get help!

I think unfortunately does not work, I did all the procedure right the site is verified in fastly, I sent the email as instructions but the domain is not showing the site, It’s been a week.

Hi there @Operadores_de_deriva - did you send the email to I do not believe I’ve received an email from you, and I just checked spam and I don’t see anything there.

Yes, I sent it to the email stated in the manual on September 14th, but everything was ok, I migrated the application to Vercel.
Anyway, thank you very much for your attention!

The email for some reason never got to me, but I’m glad you found a home for it elsewhere! We’re working on improving this domain experience, so I appreciate you trying it out despite the hiccups.

(btw, you may want to censor your email address)

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