Age of a discord bot

how do you find the age of the bot like:
I am <days> old

Thes support server did not provide any detail about what i do -_-

He told you everything you have to know to get the data from your bot user.`${bot.user.createdAt}`);

This give you a date object:
Sun Jan 21 2018 22:06:46 GMT-0300 (GMT-03:00)

Instead if you use this`${bot.user.createdTimestampt}`);

Gives you a number, that is the timestamp: 1516583206753, you will have to add a function to calculate the date or age of the bot:

For example this library converts the milliseconds of the timestampt to readable string

Final function

const pm = require('pretty-ms');

let now =; // timestamp of now
let createdAt = bot.user.createdTimestamp; // timestamp of createdAt bot
let age = now - createdAt; // diference between now and createdAt -> Gives you the age of the bot`${pm(age, {verbose: true})}`); // use the pretty-ms function to give you a nice string of data: 2 years 68 days 22 hours 9 minutes 20 seconds

Alright! Thanks so much!