All Files Gone From Project

I ran enable-pnpm in the console of my project and all of my project files disappeared. When I choose rewind it just crashes. Can the files be recovered?

My project is:

refresh the page.

that should work

Tried that. I exited the project and went back in also.

darn it, can i gain access to your project, i will rewind it by console

Tried rewind. It just hangs.

i do not know then

Anyone available from glitch support that can restore the project?

Just mention @Glitch_Response or we’ll ask @jenn!

hi @scoblish - can you let me know a ballpark day/time when you ran enable-pnpm? I can restore to a backup but a time period for when things were working would help!

@jenn Around 9AM EST

Ok I just restored it to a previous backup (the most recent one that had any files at all!). I see contents in the app now!