Restoring empty files in project


A classmate and i where making a school assignment on glitch. Today my classmate messaged me that all the files in the project are empty. We dont how this happened and the rewind takes ages to load. We made sure that the project is private.

Is there any way to restore this?

Hi! When did the files disappear? We had a small outage last week and some files might need to be restored from a backup. Let us know the project name and we can take a look

The project is called obtainable-holiday. To be precise, our files are there but all the written code is gone and the explanation in the readme file that the teacher has provided is also empty.

The last time i worked on the project was roughly two hours ago

I see, this seems unrelated with our outage. I can restore your files to how they were 2 hours ago. We’ll investigate on the issue! Thanks!

EDIT: restored

thank you very much!