An improvement for Glitch. red boxes in wrong spot

I made two blogs for the jam and one out of nowhere suddenly became not accessible and endlessly loading. and as i sat on this screen having already contacted support, I realized those red boxes really shouldn’t be where they are. They are covering up the account button which is also in the top right corner ~and the red boxes aren’t removeable nor moveable. I would place them slightly UNDER the account button instead of over it, and have the zindex be lower than the dropdown menu on the account button.

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Wow! Windows 7! I haven’t seen one of those for a long time! As for your problem. check internet?


the almost identical luna blog works without problem

I’ve shared this feedback with the team - we definitely can improve the way we show errors like that in the editor.


thank you!

You guys should add it in the new version of glitch when it comes out.

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