Any way to switch my project's IP address?


I’m using an API in my discord bot project and I need to change my IP address to access the API due to captcha. I’ve read in another thread that project uses virtual IP addresses and that IP addresses change constantly in some time period.

May I know if I can change my IP address? And how do I check my project’s IP address? Thank you in advance


Each host gets assigned a public IP address based on AWS’s public IP assignment rules, and those IPs are reassigned when the host your project’s container resides on is terminated, which happens occasionally. Additionally a project’s container may be moved to a different host when the project is restored from snapshot, which will happen when the project has been suspended or when it starts up after having shut down. There’s no user-accessible way to manage these assignments or to control when they occur, and we don’t have a process for relocating a project aside from shutting down the entire host, forcing all projects on the host to rehome.

You can determine your project’s public IP by running curl in your project’s console.


@cori, my head thanks you. You have stopped me from pulling out all the hairs twice now. Thank you for this tip about using curl to check my app’s IP address.