Glitch IP trapped in cloudflare challenge

My glitch project A container is on IP :

when I use console to curl the output is on html which is on cloudflare form challenge
(any web)

the other my glitch project B container on different IP is no problem…

I am looking for my project A get away from this IP…

what should I do ?

I guess if you want your project’s IP changed, you could submit your project to the discord ban megathread.

where it is ?

update: my project’s IP changed… probably because I pause uptimerobot to make it sleep after 5 minutes (upto 8 hours) and now my app wake up.

Everything is ok, no error log in output. And when I curl in console, the response is ok and looks my IP is changed instead of html codes of cloudflare challenge form.

but at least fyi: the IP address I was mentioned before probably is blacklisted by cloudflare.