Are custom domains back?

Am I able to connect a domain now?


there was an experiment for how to replace the custom domain system in the glitch+fastly section that worked. maybe you could use that for now. but I haven’t heard of it properly returning

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And my “legacy” custom domain stopped working (a project still responds to subdomain) :confused:

UPD: As soon as I’ve posted, the domain started responding with 200s instead of’s 502s. Guess I’m just lucky

glitch has committed to maintaining custom domains that were set up before. everyone who got to set up their domain before that cutoff date is lucky, I suppose.

it sounds like has some availability issues? actually I think that was the glitch team’s complaint about using, that this system that does glitch’s custom domains was kind of not carefully monitored for availability

Mine is working ok, I guess it’s kinda random

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