Audio Won't Play on my WEB VR ENVIRONMENT. Help?

I am creating a web VR environment for my uni project. I want ‘Those Magic Changes’ playing whilst you view the vr. I have tried all sorts of ordering, code shortcuts etc. I am new to this. I need help on how to get it playing in the web browser?

Link: (unsure if you will be able to acces)
My code:

American Diner VR
  <audio controls>
      src="Those Magic Changes (From “Grease”).mp3"
    <img id="sky" src="americandiner.png" />

  <a-sky src="#sky"></a-sky>

replace <audio controls> with <audio controls autoplay>
What device are you viewing this on also btw

As a note, Firefox is going to block autoplay by default.


I’ll try that thank you!

Working on a Lenovo Ideapad330, opening browsers in Google Chrome.

This doesn’t change anything unfortunately.

Have you checked out the docs?

It’s worked!! Thank you so much :slight_smile: