🔒 AuthFlow | The simplest way to implement a login system

AuthFlow is a simple login system for websites that uses Google’s oAuth Plataform

It works this way:

  • You call AuthFlow’s API that redirects your user to a login page
  • The user logs in with AuthFlow and AuthFlow handles the result
  • We redirect users to a special page that adds a cookie
  • You call that cookie when needed

What you get when you add the cookie isn’t just a JSON, it’s a JSON Web Token, that you can decrypt and validate on the server or client side.

Check it out here:

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App name or redirect URL contains words in our profanity filter

from a quick skim of the project, is there any reason why there’s an overhead of running every URL through a profanity filter? I can’t see why that’s even needed.

Hi @Un-index! I thought it may be useful because that information (app name, redirect URL) is public and is not related to the project.
It’s better to run a profanity filter always so we don’t have anyone blaming AuthFlow for that :grinning:

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