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My goal is to create a login and log out page for my html website how can I go and do this?

Hey, I highly recommend looking at these projects:

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I am desperately trying all of these examples and none of them work the first 1 being the most broken the authflow is just a button that I put the redirect to my home page and that allows me to sign in an infinite number of times so I’m very confused. The third option just wont let me even sign on or make an account for some reason.

Heres a pic for the 3rd as well

Hello, Zarran API dev here!


I’ll see if I can figure it out. Post some reproduction steps. I’m here to help!

So far, it looks like you tried to make an account with Authflow. Just to check, you used the Authflow button at the top?

If you’re creating a normal account, you didn’t put anything in the boxes.

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After a very swift documentation check: User already exists.

Use the login button. Don’t make an account.

Also, for a better example, check out https://crowdcards.glitch.me, my TCG which uses a modified Zarran API Lite for it’s backend.

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unrelated is crowd cards like a pokemon card game where you make your own cards and use them to battle other players where cards have a max damage and hp for specific levels?

somehow i got the example to do this lol im personally very confused but it worked so now I gotta try on my phone to see what the blazes got it to work after me randomly doing stuff lol

Alright I have been able to recreate the error so I can explain the error in more detail the Login with Authflow create button is what causes the error i previously posted first I clicked on the button then it says Authflow available for use! I click Create user (Authflow) then I get An error occured! Error: 002-0002 login and create is also very buggy as the login button needs to be spammed click for me to login and I’m still not sure whats logging me in yet. Edit: the spam clicking is more like a massive delay that I just now am noticing lol. Edit Edit: Tried on a new email and was able to make an account but not login out here bugging testing like wild lol edit edit edit: the error is from it already having an account make with that gmail. But refuses to log me in :thinking:

Okay here’s a tip. Or many.

I just rebought Glitch Pro so I didn’t boost the project yet. That means sometimes the API is (sadly) offline and you need to wait for it to start.

You can’t make an Authflow account when one already exists. You had one already.
I didn’t code Authflow logins yet :frowning:

002-0002 (according to the documentation at https://zarran-api.glitch.me, DOCUMENTATION.md) means that an account already exists with that username or email.

Hope this clears everything up. Have fun with Zarran API!

(CrowdCards is basically a bit like Pokemon but you make the cards. I directed you to it since it uses Zarran API Lite as it’s backend.

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alright thank you for responding

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