Bot offline because of container stats

Seems like my bot is offline because memory was 98% can someone take a look at what’s wrong and how I could fix this?? project is secret-bot-rsg

Memory or disk ? If it is memory Glitch projects are limited to 512 MB but if it is a disk error and you could not execute a command you will have to wait for a Glitch staff to allocate you more disk space to solve the problem.

You forgot to mention @Glitch_Response :blush:

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memory, i just got this error also The app exceeded the memory limit. Stopping and pausing for 15 seconds.

So nobody knows how to fix this?

@glitch_support or @tasha?

Hi @RobinSchapendonkGame,

We have given your project more space for the next 24 hours. If you need tips on how to save memory space, check out these hints from our community.

Its not the disk space but its the memory that goes too high (510MB / 512MB).

@RobinSchapendonkGame - doing this should allow you to access the project editor if you couldn’t before. You should be able to get in there now and remove anything that is using too much memory.

If the editor is not allowing you to do this, let me know!

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it seems like one spefic commands is constant using 70% of the memory when runned, this will cause the bot to use more than 90% and restarts after 15 seconds. How could I fix this?

@RobinSchapendonkGame, so that the community can better help you, do you mind sharing with us the command that is using up so much memory in your project?

Totally sorry for not responding I never check this again, the help command was giving mostly this issue.

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