Bot repeats a message

im trying to code this bot, but every time i write the command it feedsback the answer to it either 2, 3 or 4 times instead of just 1. what am i doing wrong? heres the code. token blurred for privacy.

You are using a very very very outdated and old tutorial, please use something like or look for tutorials posted by some members.

Hello there,

Make sure to return a value, which is a basic practice (but probably that is not the issue here).
Add this line at the top of your message event:

if ( return undefined;

I am using (and recommend) tutorials of this place:

@MaoDoBan I am very familiar with discord.js which I guess you are using. Can you give me the invite link? Also, put your token in a .env file and access it by using process.env.TOKEN or what ever you labeled it in the file.

Make sure you are not running the script multiple times; close the terminal windows and restart the process.