Bot responds multiple times

A few hours ago (about 8) my bot started responding multiple times to a single command (where it didn’t do this before). No code has changed.

For example, I have a piece that takes an input and returns a calculation. Currently it’s doing this:

input: /ai 3.78
Activity Index of 3.78 is 59.17 hours of played time.
Activity Index of 3.78 is 27.61 hours of played time.

In this case, the 59.17 is an old calculation value that was there, 27.61 is the current value that’s in the project code.

sorry i’m not the help you need, but my bots have been doing this constantly as well :frowning:

Reset the bot token and then paste that resetted bot token to the client.login(‘TOKEN’) line.

this will not fix, i already tried and can not work for the post owner

i’ve been doing this at least once a day… do i really have to do this every time it breaks?

Glitch is having a outage right now. Maybe there is a multiple interface is running the bot.

it’s been doing this since june 11th. i thought maybe it was me doing something wrong but now that i’ve come to the forums to see it’s happening often, i see that it’s not my bot.

i just said that i have to do it at least once a day. i don’t think that’s a reasonable answer?

Reset the bot token is a solution but an other instance of the bot will still run, so reset ALL tokens if there is multiple tokens needed.

Once a day ??? That’s really weird. You’re the first case I’ve ever seen to have this kind of stuff every day… :thinking:

Maybe, that a reasonable answer for it, i guess.

the bot either turns itself off with “(node:20917) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Incorrect login details were provided.” or sends messages/does commands two or three times in a row. every time i regen the token & paste back in, only for it to mess up within 24 hours. i haven’t changed any code in the bot for months but it somehow will mess itself up.

Because sometimes you are pasting the wrong token. Try re-reseting your bot’s token and paste it in the client.login line or here is the config.json is.

i’m not pasting the wrong token though, i’m regenning it & pasting it in the same spot every single time, for the bot to work for another day or so then suddenly double sending messages or getting that error code. if i’m pasting the wrong one, it wouldnt start to work again in the first place. i have 2 bots both run on glitch, ones used way less, but both will start double sending messages out of nowhere.

Because you are pasting the same token for the same project and to a different project.

no, i’m not. both have different statuses on them, i would know if they both had the same token attached because they would both have the same playing/status on them…?

Because they have an error in common. I have two bots perfectly running (when they run [ref. to recent outages and ping ban]) and one of them is in development. If you need help, give a link to the code, it would be faster as the error can be in multiple places in the code (so you don’t have to copy/paste a bunch of files. Make sure your tokens are in the .env file if you invite someone to view your code.

they are two completely different bots, i would know if one started to act like the other…

this did start to happen once i boosted my bots & chose the “always on” option. i’m not sure if this has anything to do with it, but before when i used uptimerobot they would go down sometimes, but never error out or send double messages. just thought that was a weird coincidence.

i would have to double check that the tokens are in .env but i can’t open the code now anyways, i think glitch is struggling at the moment as well. i’ll double check & come back later.