Can I embed the Glitch console on my website?

Hello. I’m adding a sort of ‘admin panel’ on my Glitch project. Note: I haven’t created the project yet. And I want to be able to embed the Glitch console into the site. Is there any way to do this. I’ve noticed that Glitch uses Wetty as the console.

Hey @charliea21, your project’s full console is basically just a web page, and it checks for project membership when accessed. You could put that in an <iframe /> and it should work fine and only be available to people who are project members.

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What if I want to grant access to others so they can use the console without owning a Glitch account?

That would be a security risk that we prevent by only allowing project members to access the console, so they’ll need to have Glitch accounts and you’ll need to add them to the project.

With console access they can do anything a project member can do, including adding and editing files and breaking your project, so we (and you) have to trust them just as much as a member.

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