Can I setup the linter that's used inside the editor?


I’m testing Glitch with a project using React Native for Web.

I’m used to ESnext that we have for React Native by default and I was able to setup a Babel config, so a code like this compiles and works: :tada:

class Button extends React.PureComponent {

  onPress = () => { /* smth */ };
  render() { /* smth else */ }

but the linter in the editor :policeman:doesn’t like the line onPress = () => { /* smth */ };

I have .eslintrc file in the root dir. And I’ve tried adding eslint section to package.json :crossed_fingers:, but it didn’t help.

Can I setup the linter somehow? :thinking:

The code is here:!/calculator-with-react-native-web

The error:


I’ve sent you a DM with a possible solution.


Could you send me the solution as well? Thank you



Could I get that as well? Is there a way to turn off certain classes or instances of lint warnings? Thanks!


I misunderstood the cause, so my possible solution didn’t end up helping sadly.


Having the same issue, My app compiles and runs correctly but linter doesn’t like the code