Can I setup the linter that's used inside the editor?


I’m testing Glitch with a project using React Native for Web.

I’m used to ESnext that we have for React Native by default and I was able to setup a Babel config, so a code like this compiles and works: :tada:

class Button extends React.PureComponent {

  onPress = () => { /* smth */ };
  render() { /* smth else */ }

but the linter in the editor :policeman:doesn’t like the line onPress = () => { /* smth */ };

I have .eslintrc file in the root dir. And I’ve tried adding eslint section to package.json :crossed_fingers:, but it didn’t help.

Can I setup the linter somehow? :thinking:

The code is here:!/calculator-with-react-native-web

The error:


I’ve sent you a DM with a possible solution.


Could you send me the solution as well? Thank you



Could I get that as well? Is there a way to turn off certain classes or instances of lint warnings? Thanks!


I misunderstood the cause, so my possible solution didn’t end up helping sadly.


Having the same issue, My app compiles and runs correctly but linter doesn’t like the code



Just adding my +1 and following in case a solution comes along! I’ve got a super simple React ES7 boilerplate going, builds fine but the editor error is an eyesore :see_no_evil:


A solution came along :slight_smile: You can now change the default linting rules in a project by adding a .eslintrc.json file to the project (docs here:

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